About the event 

This year we are teaming up again with Beard Season (not-for-profit) and Hamilton Island, to conduct this dermatology service for residents, visitors and competitors at the 2019 Hamilton Island Race Week. The skin checks will take place in the Robert Oatley College building where three of our teams will be conducting clinics for 8 days.

This is a high-risk community of patients who often have large sun exposure from a young age. The purpose of having Dermatologists at the event is to provide first class medical care to families who may not otherwise have access to these services or be unaware of the importance of seeing a specialist for their skin care.


The Dermatologist will conduct a full skin check and treat any skin concerns that you have at the time, if practicable and possible, at the location. However, if any treatment cannot be performed at the location the Dermatologist will refer you to another Dermatologist or medical practitioner located closer to your home town for any remaining treatment.

QIDerm has previously run the skin check clinic during the 2017 and 2018 Hamilton Island Race weeks with very positive outcomes for attendees.  In 2017 we conducted 652 full skin checks where 522 potential skin cancers were identified and 72 confirmed through post event follow up. 


In 2018, the new facilities provided by Hamilton Island meant that we were able to offer biopsies during the event which meant that potential skin cancers could be tested and treated quickly. We conducted 821 skin checks and 400 biopsies.  This resulted in 28 Melanomas, 56 BCC's and 29 SCC's being identified. We also identified 120 pre-malignant skin cancers, 146 benign skin lesions and 157 other skin conditions.

QIDerm does not financially benefit from this event and is committed to providing these services to our rural communities. 

2019 Hamilton Island Race Week

How to Book

If you have already signed up to participate in Race Week, you will be receiving an invitation via email from Hamilton Island very shortly. However, if you are visiting the Island during Race Week, you are also welcome to receive a skin check by one of our Dermatologists.

Be quick, places are limited!

To Book online visit:  http://www.hamiltonislandraceweek.com.au/skin-check-tent

What is included

A full skin check will be conducted by one of our participating Dermatologists and our team, this will take around 15 minutes. These skin checks include head-to-toe assessment of your skin, highlighting any areas of concern, such as potential skin cancers, melanomas and more.

What to bring

All you will need for a full skin check is yourself, your Medicare Card, and if possible, a referral from your current GP (otherwise allow for an extra 10-15 minutes to see one of our Registrars for a referral beforehand). The Dermatologists that will be attending are Dr Lynda Spelman, Dr Godfrey Wagner, Associate Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani, Dr Karyn Lun and Dr Robert Sinclair.

Other Sponsors

Beard Season  

Hamilton Island

Pierre Fabre


HEINE Australia

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The Cryogenics Group 

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About QIDerm

QIDerm is a Not-For-Profit organisation,

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