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About Us


The Queensland Institute of Dermatology (QIDerm) is a distinguished private practice and Center of Excellence in dermatology. With our team of expert clinicians, we are devoted to delivering exceptional clinical care to all Queenslanders. Our distinctive approach to clinical care includes nurturing the future of dermatology by providing training and education to dermatology registrars, setting us apart as the sole private practice in Queensland, and offering such opportunities.

Since our establishment in 1996, QIDerm has consistently led the charge in combating skin issues through early detection and continuous treatment. As a Not-For-Profit specialist dermatology practice, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing our patients with the utmost care. Explore further to learn about our philanthropic endeavours as we actively contribute to advancing healthcare.


When you visit QIDerm, you will experience unmatched clinical expertise, exceptional care, and our unwavering dedication to propelling dermatology forward through education and research.

Our Mission

To improve skin health through quality service and excellence in medical innovation, treatment, research, and education.

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