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Charity Events


In 2019 we joined Beard Season (not-for-profit) and Hamilton Island, to conduct a dermatology service for residents, visitors and competitors at the 2019 Hamilton Island Race Week. Over the 8 day clinic, our three teams saw 763 patients from 6 months to 84 years old.  

This is a high-risk community of patients who often have large sun exposure from a young age. The purpose of having Dermatologists at the event was to provide first-class medical care to families who may not otherwise have access to these services or be unaware of the importance of seeing a specialist for their skincare.

During the 2019 event, we conducted 203 biopsies from 147 patients with 42 malignant lesions identified. 


The Dermatologist conducted a full skin check at the clinic, treating any skin concerns; if any treatment could not be performed, on-site patients were referred to home clinics for further treatment. 

QIDerm has previously run the skin check clinic during the 2017 and 2018 Hamilton Island Race weeks with very positive outcomes for attendees.  In 2017 we conducted 652 full skin checks where 522 potential skin cancers were identified, and 72 confirmed through post-event follow up. 


In 2018, the new facilities provided by Hamilton Island meant that we could offer biopsies during the event, which meant that potential skin cancers could be tested and treated quickly. We conducted 821 skin checks and 400 biopsies.  This resulted in 28 Melanomas, 56 BCC's and 29 SCC's being identified. We also identified 120 pre-malignant skin cancers, 146 benign skin lesions and 157 other skin conditions.

QIDerm does not financially benefit from this event and is committed to providing these services to our rural communities. 

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