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Hive (Urticaria)

Urticaria, commonly known as hives is a common itchy rash, causing weals and swelling. If your hives last less than 6 weeks, usually hours to days, this is classified as acute. When lasting longer than 6 weeks with episodic or daily weals, it is categorised as chronic.

1 in 5 people experience an episode of acute urticaria (short term hives) during there lifetime. Hives occur when immune cells (mast cells) rouse under the skin, releasing histamine into the affected area. This causes an adverse reaction. This reaction has links to both genetic and autoimmune causations.

​Acute Hives can be induced by:
*Viral Infections
*Bacterial Infections
*Food Allergies
*Drug Allergies (commonly antibiotics)
*Certain types of drugs
*Bee or wasp stings
*Physical contact with allergens​

Chronic Hives can be induced by:
*Viral Infection
*Tight Clothing
*Drug Allergies
*Food Allergies


All dermatologists at the Queensland Institute of Dermatology have experience in treating this condition. Your specialist will investigate the cause of your hives with questions to determine obvious triggers and a determined path for treatment in your consultation. If a trigger is identified, avoidance is recommended. If no trigger is identified, hives are often treated with regular antihistamines. Due to hives' spontaneous nature, they may resolve on their own with no intervening treatment needed.

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